CraneDigital specializes in live-action videos and animated videos – both created for your specific marketing and communications goals.

Creating custom videos requires a certain something to juggle all the moving parts. Lots of things need to come together just right to present your specific, compelling story. Sometimes corporate video requires adhering to corporate guidelines. That’s why we listen to you’re goals, then recommend an approach custom tailored to those goals. CraneDigital isn’t a template solution. We’re creating something original and unique for you.

Grower yield data shown over a map of the US.

Engaging Story Telling –
Quickly and to the Point.

CraneDigital brings together story telling, video, motion graphics, animation, photography, music, human voices and that certain something that reaches through the world to cut through the noise and connect with your audience.

The advantages of using CraneDigital for your video projects are the same as our other award winning services: original content, top quality deliverables, a great work experience – and – CraneDigital can do all the cool, 3D and motion graphics things other video production houses have to job out.

Rentfrow Design Video Trailer from CRANEDIGITAL on Vimeo.