Virtual Product Photography Denver, Colorado

With our history in photography, CraneDigital uses the same principles of studio photography to virtually photograph any product using advanced 3D rendering. Just up the road from Denver, Colorado –  Fort Collins serves as CraneDigital’s hub. We’re always delighted to help our Colorado and Wyoming neighbors launch their next big idea. Give us a call. We can help.

Above is an example of a 3D modeled wellhead presented on-line for viewing by potential customers. Place your mouse over the image, then scroll with your scroll wheel to ‘spin’ through the rotation sequence.

Product Photography Denver, Colorado

Do you have something you’d like a 360 degree view of? We can take that object and generate a interactive 3D representation of it for web display. Any and every product is applicable – but especially  the large, cumbersome objects that – to get them into the studio would be prohibitively complicated or expensive.

Any product is the right product to display on the web for all to interact with before buying.