3D Product Visualization

3D Product Visualization is the best way to move an idea from your imagination to in front of a world wide audience. “John did a skilled job in helping flesh out some of our early design concepts. These were critical steps leading to where we are today at www.gocharless.com.” Jan Strauch, CEO-Founder.

3D Product Concepting

Pencil sketch prior to building 3D model of product.

Do you have a product or idea trapped in your head you’re trying to visualize? CraneDigital has been working with clients small and large for 25 years helping extract that vision and present it to the masses.

Using traditional artistic skills, keen listening skills and the ability to visually present your words, thoughts and ideas – CraneDigital works with people to help them visualize the ideas otherwise trapped in their heads.

CraneDigital worked local Colorado local inventor and visionary of vertical grilling, Jan Strauch who had a better idea for how food should be grilled.

Initially beginning with an actual, scale model build out of cardboard, he knew the concept needed to be moved into the computer for further development. That’s where 3D Product Visualization entered the picture.

We worked closely with Jan listening, sketching, asking questions, then designing and iterating versions of the product until it was at a suitable stage for next steps.

Charless Grills represents one of the most fun, most engaging uses of 3D product illustration and animation: being able to create anything from nothing to show to a world-wide audience.

The final result was a short animation with professional voice and music introducing the value proposition of the Charless Grill for investors, and the general audience.

How can CraneDigital help you visualize and display the next brilliant idea you have using 3D Product Visualization? Give us a call. We can help!