3D Animation, Illustration and Graphics:

From the beginning conversation about your project through final delivery - CraneDigital is completely focused on conveying your target message to your audience. Years of experience in marketing, advertising, publishing, graphic design and most importantly - communicating - help steer decisions and keep things on track. Accepting a limited number of projects each year allows us to focus on quality - not quantity. It's not a recipe for building a Fortune 500 Company, but our satisfaction comes from helping build your fortune 500 company. CraneDigital understands the importance of getting it right, and our commitment to your project is absolute.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes it's hard to know where one genre ends and another begins. What exactly are Motion Graphics? Using today's industry standard tools, CraneDigital explores this notion creating inspiring, original Motion Graphics for your animation and video projects. From simple flying logos, through complex, sophisticated multi-layer moving works of art - we've got you covered.

Video Production

CraneDigital specializes in creating moving imagery and graphics. Specific, unique, compelling video projects supporting our client’s specific messaging. To that end, we’ll use whatever means accomplishes that goal best. Sometimes it’s live action. Sometimes it’s a blend of live action and animation. And sometimes it’s straight animation from start to finish. The project drives the approach. We’re ready for whatever direction it takes

3D Modeling

Modeling is a core strength and aptitude at CraneDigital. Simply put, CraneDigital can model anything in 3D. Using diverse source materials ranging from sketches on napkins through engineering general assembly drawings - and everything in between - CraneDigital continues to build, render and animate highly realistic, highly detailed, animatable 3D models of virtually anything you can think of. Most of CraneDigital's work centers around creating real-world objects that are instantly identifiable. But with an abundance of creativity we’re also great at fleshing out concepts that may not quite yet be easy to understand.

3D CAD Translation

Translating your CAD data set into usable 3D (surface) models is something we've been doing for (many) years. CraneDigital can take virtually any CAD data set and translate it into virtually any file format. Areas of particular expertise include Solidworks and Pro-E data sets. Often times the translation process yields large files requiring optimization. CraneDigital will optimize your data set, and if necessary re-model whatever components require remodeling.

Graphic Design

Another core competency at CraneDigital is good design. It's not enough to be able to produce a realistic 3D model of an object. Fundamental strengths in composition, lighting, textures, color theory, camera angles and depth of field all contribute to making your finished piece something special. Nothing can compete with experience, and CraneDigital has it.

Web Content Creation Services:

As an early adaptor to the web in the mid 90's, CraneDigital published its first web site in 1996. Since then the web has grown exponentially in scope and complexity. The internet is now the standard for delivering content and it's essential your content creators understand how to create and tweak for delivery over this platform. CraneDigital helps steer you through complex web projects and specializes in digital content creation for web sites and animation with specific expertise in WordPress and related technologies.