CraneDigital-Industrial Strength Creativity

CraneDigital-Industrial Strength Creativity: Animation, Video, Motion Graphics

Another example of getting to know software, “The Machine” was born as a self-promotion piece, illustrating the concept of CraneDigital serving as a creative funnel. Ideas and concepts enter the funnel, make their journey through the creative process and ultimately become a product. The machine is a tangible visual of this process.

Again – one of the great things about working in 3D is the ability to repurpose assets created. Many parts of the machine were born during other projects, then – using them as a starting point, were adapted and modified to fit into a new role.

The Machine is a massive project – 10’s of millions of polygons. One of its purposes was to perfect enormous, highly complex projects using every available tool in software. What’s learned during these art projects is enormously useful when the phone rings with another challenging assignment. And – it’s a lot of fun.

The CraneDigital logo font in this project is a nod to the old Nikon advertisements of the 1970’s. Windsor was a font the creative folks on the Nikon marketing team used in some of their more memorable advertisements – something I personally collect: old Nikon film cameras and the advertisements from their period.