Explain your Northern Colorado Business with Animation

CraneDigital has been producing 3D Animated Product Videos for 25 years to a growing National audience. We’re excited to sit down face-to-face with our Colorado neighbors to discuss how we can help you reach new markets.

Versatile Applications

  • Realistic 3D animation services using your CAD data with transparency, exploded and sectional views.
  • A unique blend of animation, technical and digital marketing experience
  • Realistic still images and virtual photography of your products using CAD files
  • Real-world product photography of products featuring 360° turn style spins
  • Visuals for product showcase, packaging, mock-ups, walk throughs and demonstrations
  • Ideal for print advertising, web sites, social media or television commercials

Animated explainer videos are the fastest, most effective way to explain complex technologies to non-technical people. Using animation, virtually anything can be communicated using as simple or complex language required.

3D Animated Product Videos offer unique and valuable benefits with nearly limitless possibilities.

  • Zoom in to hidden, intricate parts
  • Visualize products that don’t yet exist in the real world
  • Work with enormous or cumbersome apparatus easily and cost-effectively
  • Create multiple views and multiple variations quickly and easily
  • Suspend objects in mid-air for easy viewing unbound by gravity or real-world constraints
3D Animated Product Videos Colorado

3D Animated Product Videos Colorado

Sometimes straight video isn’t quite enough to succinctly communicate your value proposition. That’s where 3D Animated Product Videos really help. Whether you’re trying to explain a complex technology – or – provide bird’s eye overview of your technical solution, animated explainer videos have proven to be extremely effective communication tools.

When it comes to simplifying the complex, CraneDigital works with you to produce the perfect animated explainer video. We love our neighbors in Northern Colorado and want to do everything we can to help you succeed.

CraneDigital is a 3D animation company creating truly original, premium quality animated videos for business. We product exceptional 3D motion graphics, product visualization, detailed technical animation and immersive marketing content.

Showcase your Colorado business with Virtual Product Photography

With our history in photography, CraneDigital uses the same principals of studio photography to virtually photograph your product using advanced 3D rendering.

Above is an example of a 3D modeled wellhead presented on-line for viewing by potential customers. Place your mouse over the image, then scroll with your scroll wheel to ‘spin’ through the rotation sequence.

Product Photography

We also do real-world-object product photography, converting a beautiful, high-polish glamour shot of your project into spin-able, 360° turn style presentations for your web site. Place your mouse over the image, then scroll with your scroll wheel to ‘spin’ through the rotation sequence.

Do you have something you’d like a 360 degree view of? We can take that object and generate a interactive 3D representation of it for web display. Any and every product is applicable – but especially  the large, cumbersome objects that – to get them into the studio would be prohibitively complicated or expensive.

Any product is the right product to display on the web for all to interact with before buying.