3D Modeling

3D Modeling is a core strength at CraneDigital. Simply put, we can create 3D models of virtually anything. We can then take those 3D models and reformat them in virtually any file format you require. CraneDigital has been building sophisticated, detailed, animated 3D models for 20 years and has worked with virtually all commercially available 3D modeling softwares. We’re experts at knowing how to design, produce and deliver 3D models for a wide array of use.

Low-polygon versions of models are great for gaming and VRML/on-line-type applications. High-polygon, super detailed models are often required for high-resolution still imagery, or close-up shots in your animation project. If you don’t know what you need, we can step you through the decision making process.


Often times engineers, industrial designers, artists or other creative, visual thinkers have something trapped in their head. They can see it – but no one else can. CraneDigital has been working with such creative, visual thinkers for 20 years. Creating plausible, physically accurate, 3-Dimensional computer models of objects which don’t yet exist in time and space has become a vital step in the process of realizing the vision of so many creative thinkers.
With years honing excellent communication skills and today’s modern means of conveniently communicating with anyone around the world, CraneDigital is able to listen, build an understanding of where our clients are trying to go, then help them get there.

CAD Translation Service

CraneDigital also provides expert CAD translation services. Sometimes our clients have spent years in engineering, designing and building sophisticated 3D CAD models of their product. When it comes time for the marketing team to launch the product it makes no sense to start from scratch when the CAD data set exists. We’ll translate your existing CAD data set into 3D surface models for use in your animation, saving time and money on your animated video project.

When it comes to a comprehensive approach to your animated video project, from start to finish, give us a call. CraneDigital can help.