3d Animation and Graphics for Marketing

CraneDigital is a 3D animation company specializing in video and graphics for marketing for everything from web site graphics to trade shows. CraneDigital creates animation, motion graphics and  video from our Fort Collins, Colorado office.

3D Product Animation

3D Product Animation

Since 1995 CraneDigital has worked with clients from small startups to global companies. We serve as your translator. We are your communication bridge between engineering and marketing. CraneDigital understands then streamlines complex messages into efficient, visual communications.

Technical Graphics – Precisely Beautiful

3D rendering of technical products

Because we have 25 years of experience using an engineering mind set with an artist's eye, we understand the in's and out's of any animated video project. What CraneDigital creates is not simply an artist's representation. But it's also not intimidating to the non-technical public. CraneDigital creates visually appealing, precision graphics everyone can understand.

Uniquely Yours

3D animated videos for marketing

Everybody has a unique story. We’re here to help discover yours. CraneDigital works hard to understand your organization's voice – what makes you unique and separates you from the pack. We then create specifically for you. Have you ever seen the stock photography or video clip you bought also appear on a competitor's web site? You won't get that with CraneDigital. We create uniquely for you.

Motion Graphics and Technical Graphics

Motion graphics for marketing

The reason we look through technical books and manuals longing for images is because they communicate faster and more directly than so many confusing words. Information presented visually is the most powerful and least confusing way to say what needs to be said. Nothing gets the point across more clearly than a well-crafted, accurate visual messages.

CraneDigital can help!

3D Product Animation and Graphics for Marketing

Call CraneDigital for your next marketing video or animation project. We can help.

Proven communicators and trusted partners in the creative process, CraneDigital comes along side your marketing team as the animation and graphics expert, taking care of the details so you can relax. How can we help you with your next innovative marketing idea? We're ready when you are. Give us a call at (970) 213-1828. We can help!


Product Animation and Illustration

3D illustration for marketing

Defying gravity by suspending objects in mid-air. Ghosting-away exteriors to isolate internal detail. Viewing from unique, physically impossible camera angles. Exploding assemblies to visualize relationships. These things are impossible with conventional video. Quality 3D animation provides endless opportunities for unique, beautiful, visual presentations of the products you've worked so hard to perfect.

Realistic Rendering

Realistic 3D Rendering

Using physically-based, photorealistic rendering we highlight and display features impossible to photograph in the real world. Subtle details transform your products from simply illustrations – to truly realistic renderings indistinguishable from photography. Impossible camera angles, ghosted or cut-away exteriors... these things are just not possible using conventional photography. But you still need that same 'photographer's artistic eye' to convey your product's visual appeal. On top of all this, the logistics of photographing super large objects are instantly solved with photorealistic 3D renderings.

Virtual Product Photography

Virtual Product Photography

With our history in photography, CraneDigital uses the same principles of studio photography to virtually photograph your product using advanced 3D rendering. We also do real-world-object product photography, converting beautiful, high-polish glamour shots of your project into spin-able, 360° turn style presentations for your web site. Do you have something you’d like a 360 degree view of? We can take that object and generate a interactive 3D representation of it for web display. Any and every product is applicable – but especially  the large, cumbersome objects that – to get them into the studio would be prohibitively complicated or expensive. Any product is the right product to display on the web for all to interact with before buying.

Trade Show Videos

Tell your company and product's story with stunning visual graphics. Don't force people to read, or translate into their language. Use the universal language of visual communication to engage and entertain a global audience.

Animation from CAD

Animation from CAD files

3D CAD Animation

Use your existing 3D CAD files to breathe realism into your marketing efforts. If you have 3D CAD already created for your product we can turn those files into beautiful, accurate marketing videos and still images. CraneDigital has been working with CAD data for 25 years. Recent developments have made it faster, less expensive and more accurate than ever to use your already created valuable work.