Creativity is what makes the wheels go ’round. There are many different avenues to explore along the creative journey. Sometimes you just want to go nuts and build something to see if you can, practice your skills or learn a new piece of software. Trying to maintain our neat and tidy “corporate” appearance, we don’t usually do a lot of space ships and ‘science-fi’ work. But once in a while you’ve just gotta say what the heck… and have a little fun.

These projects are for the most part, just or fun. And if you’re fortunate, someone stumbles along one of them and picks it up because it is something they’ve never seen before. Such was the case with ToolBall.

Here’s a short snippet of ToolBall hanging out with Shrek at the HP booth at Siggraph. Pretty fun stuff.

One of the cool things about ToolBall’s journey is his path from inception through his current iteration. ToolBall is a poster child for moving models between different software packages.

Originally created in Lightwave 3D, ToolBall was remodeled in Softimage 2015 for his 20-year reboot. Assemblies from our Super Cobra helicopter project were adapted for ToolBall’s new look.

Next, ToolBall is getting to know Maya as we move him from XSI into Maya’s world of rich tools and rendering.